The Process


The Process is the secret of truthful acting! It is a systematic approach to acting that guarantees truthful emotions and a full connection to the life and world of a character.

There are many different ‘systems’ of acting and you may know of a few high profile actors that have a preferred method of getting into character. These range from the old school like Laurence Olivier who’s adage was “Try acting it’s much easier” and who believed in ‘saying your lines and not bumping into the furniture’ to Daniel Day Lewis who’s approach is total immersion in the character and results in him being in character for the length of the shoot.

The Process is my take on a number of different approaches/ systems from Stanislavski’s original ‘System’ to the Group Theatre’s three key teachers Adler, Meisner and Strasberg’s methodologies with a large measure of my own discoveries of how to create truth.

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“This book really is a must for every actor. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It might be a small book but it packs a very big punch.” 5 STARS

“A very insightful and enjoyable read. Straight to the point and the right amount of detail.” 5 STARS