“James Bowden’s Process has become the main method I use to achieve an organic performance. After studying many different approaches to acting, it was his that allowed me to combine and personalise everything I’d been previously taught. Aside from being a genuinely interesting insight into the craft of acting; it’s versatility and depth make it the only tool an actor needs to allow themselves to truly be.” Alex Sawyer – actor BAFTA nominated series The House of Anubis

“The process is the only style of preparation that truly works for me when it comes to acting. There are no cop outs, no rule for one and another for others, it’s a straight forward method that truly works. I struggled with finding truth in many of my characters, through following the process I’ve managed to ¬†overcome all the barriers that were in my way and find a fresh and honest approach to my acting! ” – William Turner Roden – actor